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Single Stroke Roll Rudiment

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Single Stroke Roll

Single Stroke Roll
The Single Stroke Roll is the 1st drum rudiment in the Percussion Arts Society standard list of Drum Rudiments. You must master the double stroke roll to play this drum rudiment effectively. Start slow and get each stroke perfect before speeding it up gradually.

Essential Snare Rudiments include the Single Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Paradiddle, Flam, Single Stroke Four,
Seven Stroke Roll, Five Stroke Roll, Nine Stroke Roll, Multiple Bounce Roll, Buzz Roll, Triple Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll,
Six Stroke Roll, Thirteen Stroke Roll, Fifteen Stroke Roll, Seventeen Stroke Roll, Flamacue, Drag, Single Drag, Double Drag,
Triple Drag, Flam Paradiddle, Flam Tap, Flam Accent, Pataflafla, Single Flammed Mill, Single Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle,
Triple Paradiddle, Ruff, Swiss Army Triplets, Flam Paradiddle, Inverted Flams, Single Drag, Double Drag, Triple Drag, Ratamacue,
Single Ratamacue, Double Ratamacue, Triple Ratamacue, Lesson 25, Single Drag Tap, Double Drag Tap, Triple Drag Tap,
Inverted Flam Tap, Flam Drags, Single Stroke Three, Four, Five, Double Bounce Roll, & Paradiddle Diddle. - Hybrid Rudiments

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